Magnesia (Caustic Magnesium Oxide)

Caustic Magnesium Oxide is produced at the Strathmore Magnesite Mine. The magnesium oxide plant produces about 700 tons per month.  Raw magnesite ore is calcined at approximately 950ºC in batch and continuous kilns to produce a caustic or soft burnt magnesium oxide. The quality of the magnesium oxide is improved by magnetic separation during the milling process where various grades and particle sizes are produced to suit customer requirements.  Magnesium oxide is supplied in bulk or as fine milled powder of various particle sizes. A Raymond mill and ball mill are used for the fine milling of the product. The increased milling capacity and versatility of the Raymond mill has enabled us to offer customers milled product to their requirements.  Once the product is graded according to its magnesium oxide content it is packed either in bulk bags or 25 kg bags. The bagged material can be stretch wrapped and/or palletized per customer’s request. Magnesium oxide is mainly a magnesium supplement in farm feeds and fertilizers although it is a versatile product with many other uses including applications in the pulp and paper industry, water treatment, refractories, tanning and sorrel cement manufacture. All the farm feed and fertilizer grades of magnesium oxide are registered with the Department of Agriculture.